Individuals who are interested in joining this Programme must enroll through their Service Organization or Corporate Volunteer Team (hereafter called Organization, "ORG"). For first-time volunteers, please contact our Collaborators for service opportunities.



Note 1: The following organizations are welcome to register -

  1. Charitable Institution Exempt From Tax [Under Section 88 of IRO]
  2. Government Department / Statutory Body
  3. Chamber of Commerce
  4. International Service Organization
  5. Non-profit school
  6. Professional body / Non-profit hospital
  7. Corporate Volunteer Team (Service record need to be provided and vetted by Service Organization)
  8. Hong Kong Registered Society [Under Section 5A (1), Chapter 151]

Note 2: Ticket Distribution Schedule and Notes

Submit Volunteers
Information by
“Group” Collect
Tickets after
Phase I 20 Sep, 2019 After 28 Oct, 2019
Phase II 13 Dec, 2019 After 3 Feb, 2020
Phase III 7 Apr, 2020 After 2 May, 2020
  1. Every "ORG" will be assigned to one of the phases for ticket collection throughout the whole Programme.  Number of ticket distributed to "ORG" is based on the number of eligible volunteer records uploaded on or before the cut-off date of designated phase on a first-come-first-served basis. Unclaimed tickets for the phase will not be re-issued.  Please kindly note that failing to upload the relevant records on or before the cut-off date will be regarded as abandon and your allocated tickets will be re-allocated to the organizations on the waiting list.
  2. Enjoy the Programme early and to avoid the heavy traffic, you are suggested to upload the record on or before the cut-off date of designated phase.
  3. "ORG" is required to return the completed “Ticket Receipt Records” with the organization company chop and “Authorization Letter” from Volunteers (if any) to the Organizer, and also upload the “Ticket Number Record” before the stated date. If failed to return the required documents, the Organizer will record the case and may affect the application for the next year Programme.
  4. The ticket collection dates stated above are for reference only, the actual collection date will be stated in the notification e-mail.
  5. The above ticket distribution schedules are subject to change.  The Organizer reserves the right to amend without prior notice.